Japanese Post and Beam

Japanese Post and Beam

Before the industrialization of wooden buildings, wood construction can be generalised into two categories: block work and post construction.  Block work construction utilised stack logs while post construction formed a type of palisade structure to support a roof.  The wooden elements used in these structures were massive in dimension as they were generally unprocessed logs just shaped and cut to size.  The progression of civilization led to a decline in forest resources and led to the utilisation of smaller dimensional lumber for efficient material and labour distribution.  Particularly in the late 1800s when light framing construction took hold with the advancement of inexpensive nails, solid wood was rarely used.  Although this construction method was fast and flexible it ‘faces engineering limitations in height, area, fire resistance and structural capacity’.[1]

[1] Mayo, J. (2015).


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  • I am an architecture student and I have to do a study about the Yoshijima Heritage House. Is it possible to have some more information about the structure of this house?
    Thank you in advance.
    Lisa Debeer

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