Hirose House

Hirose House

The hirose house is a late 17th century house from the Ymanashi prefecture before relocation to Japan open-air folk house museum. The structure employed in the Hirose house is typical of the folk houses of the Kōfu Bain.

Typically, their gabled roofs are held up by full height posts reaching the roof ridge called. munamochi posts. Four of these posts are used in the house hence known as yotsudate structure (“four standing’), frequently used in homes of the region. The home is nearly 9 metres wide and 15 meters long.

The house is very enclosed with only 2 opening for the main entrance and the zashiki (a type of sitting room with tatami mats). In addition, the eaves are very low, giving the impression of a grand roof. It is thought that the development of the elevated central roof section was considered to provide better lighting and ventilation.

Behind the main entrance is one large, undivided space with an earthen floor, with a mezzanine space above. At the high end of the house, are the three rooms with a secondary exit from the house. the Zashik (sitting/reception room), Naka Nando (bedroom), and Oku Nando (centre bedroom and store), are all lined up.


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